This site has some artistic depictions of nudity and mild gore. Viewer discretion is advised.

Rebecca "Bex" Williams

Illustrator and Designer

Rebecca "Bex" Williams

Illustrator and Designer

Commission Information

Contact to commission

Current Availability

Character Illustrations
Open by Social Media Announcement
Enamel Pins (See The Pin Pond)
Convention Only
Chibi Illustrations

Commission Types & Pricing

Character Illustrations

All prices include plain background
+75 flat color background
+150 rendered background
Will draw:
Anthro, Human, Feral, Monsters/creatures, Fan characters, Simple robots/Animatronics
All genders, sexes, sexualities, bodies.Blood, Soft Gore, Candy Gore, Undead characters, BonesWill NOT Draw:
Vehicles, Mechs/Giant robots
Snuff/hard gore, Characters under 18, Vore, Inflation, Feederism, Hyper size


+20 Color
+30 Rough shading
+35 Extra character

Flat Color

+75 Extra character
+40 Complex design

Full Render

+150 Extra character
+100 Complex design

Traditional Badges

Headshot: $100
Full Body: $150
Couple's Set: $200

Chibi Illustrations

Flat color: $80
Shaded: $100
Background: +35

Rebecca "Bex" Williams

Illustrator and Designer

Welcome to The Pin Pond!

Sexual content below!Ever wanted pins of your own character? Want a sense of community welcome to everyone no matter how popular? Want something unique and not afraid to be down and dirty? Well you've come to the right place! The Pin Pond is a project by lilypawpads to expand on the pin collecting and trading world. She isn't afraid to be gorey, erotic, and cute all at the same time, providing something different and fun!Want to join the pond? Click the link below!! All information is in the form. Commissions start at $100 + Manufacturing costs (Usually about $200) for 50 pins of your character to sell or trade with your friends!

Keep up with the making of each new pin (Or your own!) with our Trello board!

Rebecca "Bex" Williams

Illustrator and Designer

Terms of Service

Invoice for payment will be sent via Square.I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL A COMMISSION IF I FEEL YOU ARE BEING INAPPROPRIATE WITH ME OR MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE.Once your art is complete and 100% paid for, you have the rights to share it wherever you like so long as I am given proper credit. You are NOT to use any art created by me for commercial purposes unless the rights to the work are purchased. You are permitted to make your work into merchandise without purchasing rights as long as it is only given away for free.Commercial rights for your artwork may be purchased for either $50 or 75% of the artwork's commission price, whichever is greater. I will send a contract for you to look over and sign with more details.I will be allowed to use any art I create for you to advertise for myself. I will not put any art made for you onto products to profit from without explicit permission.I will send a sketch before I begin inking/coloring. If anything appears incorrect, please inform me during this stage. IF YOU DO NOT INFORM ME OF ANYTHING WRONG AFTER THIS STAGE, IT IS NOT MY FAULT. If you request a change after the piece is fully completed, I will do a single minor edit for free, and any further edits will be $20 each.Refunds will be issued ONLY if I do not finish the art within 3 months of your start date. If your art is started, but not complete, I will refund you partially as I see fit. If your art is 100% finished, I will not refund.